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ASP.NET: (FREE!) Online Image Editor For Your Site

While reading my regular CodeProject newsletter this morning, I came across an interesting article about an open-source .NET image editor (implementing AJAX) that can be implemented into your website! I have not tried to use it yet, but I most likely will in an upcoming site that I am building.  From the demo version, it appears to have all the basic functionality a regular, non-power user would need to upload and edit pictures for a photo gallery (something that will be necessary in my next project, also open-source and found on CodeProject). Again, I have not tried this yet, but when I do, I will post my experience here, of course.

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a fully-functional,  powerful, feature-rich site in about a day just by dropping in programs like these into a masterpage? I have a feeling that may be the direction people are going, but then again, that’s a great feature of .NET, too.  Mmmm, plug and play.

If you have used any of the software above, please let me know your reaction!


November 6, 2007 - Posted by | AJAX, ASP.NET, Tips & Tricks

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