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Javascript: jQuery. Interesting.

I do not know Javascript at all. I know, I know, you say, “How can you consider yourself a real developer and not know any Javascript?” Well, I don’t not know Javascript; I can work within it. I just couldn’t create a document using it. This is probably due to the paradigm of “Javascript is evil” being pounded into my head during my nascent developer years.

Regardless, I would at some point like to learn. For those who are like me and don’t know any Javascript, maybe this is the place to start: jQuery. While it is in no way close to actual Javascript syntax, it is somewhat similar to .NET syntax, which should probably help reduce the learning curve a bit. Basically it’s a library that enables you to circumvent common Javascript pitfalls while providing you with the ability to code more while actually writing less. It has some built in functions and abilities, and appears as though it will simplify the application of true AJAX.

Sound interesting? I thought so.


December 11, 2007 - Posted by | AJAX, Javascript, Tips & Tricks |

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