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VB.NET and ASP.NET: How Do You Combine Them?

I’m trying to create an executable VB.NET program that will serve as an order-entry system on my local system so that I can export to Microsoft Excel and Word, but also draw from my existing database and use my existing classes. How do I do this in Visual Studio 2005? Do I simply add another “project” to my existing ASP.NET solution? I suppose I could try it to find out, but there is a lot of development to be done before I could even get to a testing point.  Also, if I were to succeed in this, would any changes to classes or codebehind require any sort of recompiling/redeployment for the project not involved?

To simplify: I have an ASP.NET project with a class, say Product.vb.  I create a new VB.NET project within that solution that wants to use Product.vb. Assuming I can even do this in the first place, would a change to Product.vb require a recompiling for both the ASP.NET project and a redeployment of my VB.NET project? If so, can anyone think of a simpler way to do this? I’d rather not create two similar Product.vb files and have to update both of them every time I want to add a feature or something.

EDIT (10/16/07): So upon re-reading this post, I noticed the solution is actually really easy. Sorry, yesterday was one of those days. If you’ve come here in search of the answer, just add a reference the project’s DLL.


October 15, 2007 - Posted by | ASP.NET, VB.NET

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