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ASP.NET and AJAX Toolkit: Is Anyone Else Having Problems With the Accordion Control?

Ever since version 10301 of the AJAX Toolkit, the Accordion control has been acting a little wonky for me, but only in certain circumstances.  The recent release of the AJAX Toolkit still has not addressed this issue.  I’ve posted about it in the ASP.NET forums hoping that someone will get back to me or that they will at least address the issue.  I’m not the only one having problems, but apparently I’m the only one having this particular problem: basically, my Accordion control’s headers’ text is set at text-indent: -5000px to make the text not appear on the page so I can replace it with a background image. Pretty standard procedure. But when using the versions of the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit later than 10301, when the user clicks on a header to get the content in the AccordionPane, all the background images for the headers disappear and the text returns. It’s a really weird bug that I don’t think they’ve quite figured out how to fix, but I am confident that they will. Check the link above for my full code.

When they figure out what’s wrong and fix it, you’ll see it here.

EDIT 10/15/07: I’ve been informed of a work-around for those who like workarounds. Click the link above to my post to the ASP.NET forums and read the thread.  It’s definitely a workaround and a bit kludgy, but it will work.


October 10, 2007 - Posted by | Accordion, AJAX, AJAX Toolkit, ASP.NET, Bugs

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